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Department of Computer Systems
Positional and non-positional numeral systems. Converting numbers from one numeral system to another. Fixed point and floating point numbers. Computer architecture (software layer). OS and PS. Types of compilers. Program life-cycle. Languages. Language classification. Algorithmic languages. Presenting algorithmic languages using syntax diagrams. Definition of an algorithm, ways to present and construct algorithms. Separating a task into subtasks. Various data types and their representation in a computer. Scalar and structural data types. Static variables. Declaring variables. Converting data from one type to another. Mixed data types. Operator priority. Formatting results. Organizing branches (including several conditions). Iterative statements with condition checking before and after the statement, examples. Global and local variables. Data exchange between various program modules. Declaring and indexing of arrays. Strings as arrays. Multidimensional arrays. Converting a two-dimensional array into a one-dimensional array. Sorting arrays. Calendar.
Department of Computer Systems
Overview of structural data types (records, sets, files). Object-oriented approach to programming (classes, objects, methods, attributes). Records. Fields and subfields of a record, union records. Declaring and usage. Files. Text files and typed files, sequential and random access files. File buffer. File open (read, write, edit) and close. Reading and writing records to a text file and typed file. Sorting data in files, exceptions. Sorting text files. Sorting files by using an index. Sorting outside of files. Recursion: direct and indirect recursion. Advantages and disadvantages. Data exchange. Examples. Dynamic memory allocation. Pointers, allocating and freeing memory. Stack and its types. Sorting a dynamic structure. Debugging a program: scanning, checkpoints, debuggers. Decomposing a program. Documentation. Managing a software project.