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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
This course aims to introduce students to foundational programming techniques. The programming language that will be used in the course is Java, although students will acquire broad skills that can be applied to other programming languages. The knowledge acquired by the students in this class contains: - The fundamentals of the imperative programming - The fundamentals of structured programming - Language data types - Java syntax - Program testing and debugging
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
The content of the program is divided in three blocks: Part I. Introduction 1. Operating systems for mobile devices. 2. General Concepts of development of mobile applications. Part II. Development of mobile applications: 1. Android platform . 1.1. Introduction. 1.2. Creating applications and activities. 1.3. User interfaces. 1.4. Intents, Broadcast Receivers and Internet. 1.5. Files, state and preferences. 1.6. Databases and content providers. 1.7. Maps and location based services. 1.8. Services and threads. 1.9. Audio, vídeo, camara. 1.10. Telephony and SMS. 1.11. Bluetooth, networks and WiFi. 1.12. Sensors. 1.13. Advance topics. 2. Other platforms. Part III. Design and implementation of a mobile application.
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
In a generic way, the course contents are the following: - Requirement specification (users, scenarios) - Arquitecture of a telematic application o Management of contents o Management of users o Business logic o Interface - Scalability - Introducation to Distributed computing