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Boolean algebra and logic functions. Fundamentals of logic. Truth table. Laws of logic. Canonical standard forms. Disjunctive and conjunctive normal forms. Logic functions minimization. Shannon's expansions of logic function. The derivative of logic function. Complete system of logic functions. Fundamentals of set theory: sets, subsets, set operations, laws of set theory, Venn diagrams, simplification of expressions. Cartesian products, relations, functions. Onto and one-to-one functions. Equivalence relation. Partially ordered sets. Introduction to graph theory. Classical problems of set theory.
Peeter Ellervee
The course introduces basics of embedded systems and their development methods: - Principles of embedded systems, differences from traditional computer systems; - Architectures and platforms of embedded systems. Generic and application specific architectures; - Embedded software, differences from application software; - Energy and power consumption, dependability and fault tolerance of embedded systems; - Notion of time in real-time embedded systems, scheduling of computation processes and planning of resources; - Development tools for microcontroller systems (on base of ARM Cortex M).