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Systems Architect Ioannis Voyiatzis Designs, integrates and implements complex ICT solutions from a technical perspective. Ensures, that technical solutions, procedures and models for development are up-to-date and comply with standards. Watches technology development and integrates into new solutions. Acts as a team leader for developers and technical experts.
Technical Specialist Ioannis Voyiatzis Effectively maintain customer hardware/software. Responsible for delivering timely and effective repairs to ensure optimal system performance and superior customer satisfaction.
Systems Administrator Ioannis Voyiatzis Administers ICT System components to meet service requirements.
Database Administrator Ioannis Voyiatzis Designs, implements, or monitors and maintains databases.
Enterprise Architect Ioannis Voyiatzis Designs and maintains the Enterprise Architecture
Business Analyst An Tsolak Identifies areas where information system changes are needed to support business plans and monitors the impact in terms of change management. Contributes to the general functional requirements of the business organization in the area of ICT solutions. Analyses business needs and translates them into ICT solutions.
Software Designer An Tsolak The Software Designer helps transform a set of requirements, customer, IT, industry, and legal/regulatory ,into software solutions.
Software Programmer An Tsolak Creates and modifies computer programs by converting project requirements into code.
Software Tester An Tsolak A Software tester (software test engineer) should be capable of designing test suites and should have the ability to understand usability issues. Such a tester is expected to have sound knowledge of software test design and test execution methodologies. It is very important for a software tester to have great communication skills so that he can interact with the development team efficiently.
Computer Architecture An Tsolak Job Duties and Tasks for: Computer Systems Engineer-Architect 1) Provide advice on project costs, design concepts, or design changes.2) Provide guidelines for implementing secure systems to customers or installation teams. 3) Provide technical guidance or support for the development or troubleshooting of systems.4) Monitor system operation to detect potential problems.5) Communicate with staff or clients to understand specific system requirements.
Software Design An Tsolak Software design is the process of implementing software solutions to one or more sets of problems